Hays Tug and Launch Service


The launching of our first boat in 1953. The Duchess.

The launching of our first boat in 1953. The Duchess.

Hays Tug and Launch is a company with strong roots on the water, steeped in family tradition. Since 1953, three generations of Hays have been providing tug and barge services for the Northeastern Region. Built from an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to customer satisfaction through honesty and quality, Hays Tug and Launch proves its resilience every day by continuing to grow and evolve with the changing times.

Hays Tug and Launch began with its founder Captain Harry Hays and his wife Dottie. In the midst of adversity, they set out to start their own water business along with their new life together after their marriage in 1953. His own history on the water stemming from his father’s water taxi business gave Captain Harry Hays and Dottie a solid foundation for their dream.
Five years after founding the company, Mr. and Mrs. Hays built their first tugboat in 1958, and named it the Duchess.

Hays Tug and Launch got its feet off the ground by transporting aggregate and paper within the Philadelphia area. As the demand for more products to be transported over longer towing routes increased, Hays Tug and Launch updated their tugboats and by the mid 80’s was also operating a small fleet of acid barges.

Today the company continues to expand and remains strong. With a fleet of tugs, barges and two docking locations, Hays Tugs and Launch continues to serve the waterways of the Northeast, and does so well. Hays is proud to be part of the American Waterways Organization’s “Responsible Carrier Program” due to the professionalism and diligence of their world class crews. They continue to work hard to offer the best tug and barge services in the region.

Over the last 60 years, Hays Tug and Launch has gained many clients who they also consider to be part of the Hays Family, and treat them as such. Keeping with their founding principal of commitment to customer satisfaction, Hays Tug and Launch continues to deliver a wide variety of products, equipment and materials across the Northeast, providing a vital service for the region.